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Suuport us by sponsoring a tree

The Tasmanian Arboretum Inc. invites you to sponsor a tree. Many of those who do so are making a commemoration.

The scheme explained

A person may 'Sponsor a Tree' which will then be allocated to that person for the normal life expectancy of that tree.

To 'Sponsor a Tree' you select an established specimen which is already in the ground and at an age which suggests its continued healthy growth is a high probability.

The Tasmanian Arboretum Inc. cares for the tree throughout its life. In the event of an early loss however, i.e. within five years of allocation. T.A.I. will replace the tree or arrange for the selection of another.

How your tree is identified

A plaque of a standard size and design will be placed near the selected tree. When sponsoring a tree for someone else, both the sponsor(s) and the person, or persons, for whom the tree is being sponsored can be recognised. Both botanical and the common tree names are usually included if space permits. The examples below give an idea of layouts (120mm x 60mm):

Cost and application

The cost of sponsorship is a once only payment of $275 which is used to defray the cost of establishment, protection, watering and maintenance.

You may apply by downloading and printing this form, filling in the relevant details then posting back to us (the address is listed on the form).

If you wish to make an appointment or seek more information please contact us.