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Support us by buying carbon offsets

Offset your Carbon emissions for travel or other activities with a planting that will, when mature, provide food for swift parrots and in the interim, habitat for other local animals.

We offer a planting of units of 5 trees at a cost of $125.00 each (including GST). The balance, after paying the cost of planting and GST, goes into the Permanent Endowment Fund to assist with maintenance.

The plantings will take place in some 4 ha of land areas set aside for riparian revegetation and other land outside the collections area that is currently pasture. This allows for some 2,000 trees to mature.

The Arboretum currently sinks about 168 tonnes of CO2 per annum and stores an estimated 5,000 tonnes CO2 in its collections and bushland, with a capacity for over 25,000 tonnes when fully planted out and the collections matures.

Carbon, to be biosequestered so as to reduce its impact on the climate, has to be stored for more than 100 years, such as in a tree. Longer periods of carbon storage give additional benefit and so turning some timber into long lived solid wood product gives additional storage of carbon.

Carbon store

Because of the impacts of climate change on nature we will use indigenous local trees for this planting, in an attempt to balance against any negative impacts on the local flora's productivity as the climate changes during the period society grapples with how to reduce carbon emissions from human activity. The additional benefit of stored carbon in the understorey will not be taken into account because of the difficulty in accounting for it.

As a record we will offer a certificate giving the number of the trees planted so that we may be audited, most importantly, by those who support the scheme.

To apply download and print this form, fill in the relevant details then post back to us (the address is listed on the form).

Or, of course, you can come out and see us. Please contact us for an appointment or if you would like more information.